Cure Afya Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Our Driving Motto My Healthy Africa

We want to manufacture medical products in Tanzania, which indirectly helps to bring the cost down and maintain a consistent supply.

We want to develop a trusted brand which is backed by all doctors and the medical fraternity.

Cure Afya is a one of its kind facility in Tanzania, established with present and future needs of the people in mind. Our approach is phased into three stages, first to start with manufacturing of simpler dosages like tablets capsules and oral liquid syrups. And later on expanding into other dosages. Currently Cure Afya possesses capacities of manufacturing 300million tablets, 100million capsules, 10million bottles liquid syrups and suspensions, 10million bottles dry syrups and 5million sachets per annum. But due to our well thought infrastructure planning and space availability in facility these capacities can be increased manifolds and reach upto 1billion plus tablets & capsules and 50million plus oral liquid syrups production.

300 million capsules


Tablets Production Capacity

100 million pills


Capsules Production Capacity

10 million Syrup bottles - Liquid | Dry


Syrup bottles - Liquid and/or Dry Production Capacity

100 million capsules


Sachets Production Capacity

The company is a subsidiary of Africab Group of Tanzania,the parent company for well known Kilimanjaro Cables (T) Ltd., Simba Developers Ltd., Husain Specialized Polyclinic, Exclusive Expeditions, Charipe Investments Ltd.,Allmol Freight Services LTD and several other ventures within and outside Tanzania in several east African countries. The directors of the Africab Group have a wider exposure in the manufacturing sector with vast experience in managing several projects in Tanzania and other countries.

The Cure Afya project is a value addition to the group companies with its total investment value at USD 15m approx. for completion of its Phase 1 of the project. It has forecasted business value at USD 20m per annum with current phase product dosages, while addition of further phases will increase business evaluation to USD 50m per annum. The project has direct access to industrial and infrastructural framework, such as, water, electricity, technological capacity, petro-chemical resources, support industries such as packaging and bottling, necessary for an industry to operate.

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