Africab Honey

Tanzanian Wild Forest Honey

To promote Beekeeping for Bio-diversity, Conservation and Improving Community Livelihoods in Tanzania.

Africab under its CSR activites has encouraged and trained local villagers to harvest and sell their honey produce and to maintain these forest for a thriving bee population. Africab also own Forest Reserves where beekeeping is done by our dedicated trained team too.

Tanzania already has a rich history of beekeeping and a wide range of honey varieties, Africab encourages the growth and process of this Agro business by procuring pure forest honey from the Miombo woodlands and packing at our Agro Facilities. So you are assured of 100% MIOMBO WOODLAND HONEY.

Tanzanian Wild Forest Honey


Africab Coffee

Tanzanian Coffee

Africa's Best Coffee for the World.

Tanzania is one of the Africa's three prime Coffee Regions. African coffee is known around the globe as one of the most distinctive coffee regions with unique avours. Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya are the African countries producing coffee that is celebrated all around the world. Tanzania produces both robusta and arabica coffee, over 90% of which is exported.

The rich volcanic soil of mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain and shores of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in the southern hemisphere provide ideal growing conditions for Robust and Arabica coffee. Zan coffee is made from high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that gives great satisfying aroma and liquor strength.

Zan Coffee is an initiative by the Africab Group under its GoGreen Agro division.

Zan Coffee focuses on taking the Tanzanian coffee beans & instant coffee powder for export market. The Africab group also is into Honey farming and other Agro based export.
The Africab group is a well established business group based in Tanzania having multiple business from Electrical Manufacturing, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Trading & Exports.

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